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by Chameleon Software
Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:35 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.8
Topic: Chameleon 4.8: what's new
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Chameleon 4.8: what's new

A brand new social network template: Chameleon.Edge Chameleon.Edge is meant to be used as social network template for general social networks, collaboration websites, company intranets, etc.
by Chameleon Software
Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:06 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.7
Topic: Chameleon 4.7: what's new
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Chameleon 4.7: what's new

Google AdMob in both iOS and Android Apps AdMob is Google’s advertising platform for promoting and monetizing mobile applications. It allows application developers to monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising and provides intelligent insights through Google Analytics.
by Chameleon Software
Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:48 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.6
Topic: Chameleon 4.6: what's new
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Chameleon 4.6: what's new

Chameleon 4.6 is only about optimization but a really huge amount of optimization and testing has been done by our programmers. Here we publish some comparisons with Chameleon 4.5 in terms of speed. Please note that your results may differ. For example, if your website has very few users, you will ...
by Chameleon Software
Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:46 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.5
Topic: Chameleon 4.5: what's new
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Chameleon 4.5: what's new

Chat rooms in Impact Now your users have a possibility to use a general chat in the Impact theme. _______________________________________________________________________________________________...
by Chameleon Software
Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:05 am
Forum: Chameleon 4.4
Topic: Chameleon 4.4: what's new
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Chameleon 4.4: what's new

A new elite template: Chameleon.Impact One of the best templates we've created. Hundreds of pages and thousands of elements had to be designed and coded from zero. It took us 5 years to finish. ____________________________________________________...
by Chameleon Software
Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:01 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.3
Topic: Chameleon 4.3: what's new
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Chameleon 4.3: what's new

Street Chat Ever heard about Pokemon GO? If not, probably you live on Mars. Augmented reality has taken the world by storm, so imagine how popular your website could be if it had an augmented reality chat! Street Chat allows you to chat with your friends in real locations like their streets or yard...
by Chameleon Software
Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:57 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.2
Topic: Chameleon 4.2: what's new
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Chameleon 4.2: what's new

SEO-friendly URLs Yes! You have been asking about it for a long time so we had no other choice but to make it :-) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mobile video ...
by Chameleon Software
Wed May 04, 2016 5:14 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.1
Topic: Chameleon 4.1: what's new
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Chameleon 4.1: what's new

Mobile Video Chat Yes! Now users can use the video chat in the mobile version. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WebRTC Video Chat Now all video chat...
by Chameleon Software
Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:06 pm
Forum: Chameleon 4.0
Topic: Chameleon 4.0: what's new
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Chameleon 4.0: what's new

Video in Urban At last you can upload and play videos in Urban. All videos are now HTML5, Flash has been removed in all templates. And...
by Chameleon Software
Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:32 am
Forum: Chameleon 3.3
Topic: Chameleon 3.3: what's new
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Chameleon 3.3: what's new

Playing YouTube videos in the Cinema location in 3DCity Now you and your clients will be able to watch movies and music videos in the Cinema location. Just come near the screen and the form for the link will appear. ____________________________...

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